A summer with Dad

Documentary by Hung Chun Chen and Marcelo Novais Teles / extract

DIRECTION : Hung Chun Chen & Marcelo Novais Teles
Production : Composite Films & N4 Films
Image AND SOUND : Georges de Genevraye & Etienne Semelet
Music : Eric Capone
EDITING : Etienne Semelet
Illustrations : Bertrand Guillou
Genre : documentaire
YEAR : 2021

After a spring rain, promised piglets were not returned and two lives were cut short. This family drama took place just sixty years ago.

Hung-chun, who has been living in France for ten years, goes to Taipei to find her father, Mr. Chen, a high court judge on the eve of his retirement.
Intrigued by what happened at the time when everyone was silent, she takes her camera and tries to get her father to confide in her, to reveal himself.