N4 Films

The Collective:

Based in Paris, N4 Films is a non-profit association that supports independent documentary and fiction movies. It gathers artists and technicians working in the cinema, television and institutional film industries.

Our Creations:

N4 Films focuses on creative films. It helps authors to bring their project to fruition, from filming to the search for co-producers and diffusers.

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Our Know-How:

To carry out its projects, N4 Films relies on its fleet of equipment and on the know-how of the directors, cinematographers and editors that it brings together.

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Our References:

They worked with us:


Partner Shooting

N4 Films is the technical partner of “Patrice Chéreau” a documentary film directed by Marion Stalens and produced by Kuiv Productions for the ARTE TV channel. Shot at the Théâtre National Populaire in Villeurbanne. 

“Brazil’s Blood”

On March 2022, Composite Films began scouting for “Brazil’s Blood”, a documentary written and directed by Marcelo Novais Teles, for which N4 Films provided shooting and post-production facilities.